Silent Whistle Blower

We Want to Hear What You Have to Say

Silent Whistle is an independent company engaged to provide Trinidad employees with a tool to communicate with management and the Audit Committee.

This system is designed to assist Trinidad by providing us with information from you about our business practices and incidents that we may not see on a daily basis. We sincerely respect and value each of your opinions and hope you will feel comfortable using this system to communicate problems and/or concerns.

Your comments will remain completely anonymous if you select that option (SilentWhistle is an independent company and is contractually forbidden from disclosing your identity to us if you don’t want them to). You may also select to disclose your personal information. Your comments, suggestions and valuable feedback have a direct result in the success of our company.

How Silent Whistle Works

Option 1
Step 1: Connect to the internet using a computer anytime and anywhere.
Step 2: Type into the address bar and hit “Enter” on the keyboard.
Step 3: Click the appropriate option from the SilentWhistle Actions list (File Report or Client Log-In).
Step 4: Type in “Trinidad” and then click “Next”.
Step 5: Select the appropriate choice from the list that appears.
Step 6: Select your method of anonymous communication.

Option 2
Voicemail – call 1-877-874-8416. This is an anonymous hotline feedback system which utilizes both web and phone-based technology for employees to provide feedback directly to the Audit Committee.

The culture and business of Trinidad depends on its integrity. Employees, consultants and individuals external to the company are encouraged to raise matters that may constitute unfair or unethical business practices.