Technology & Innovation

Trinidad has a history of being innovators and early adopters of new technology that later becomes the industry standard. We’re listening to our customers and Trinidad’s teams in the field to find mechanical, structural and electrical engineering solutions to the toughest challenges facing energy producers. We’re always looking ahead to where the industry is going to find new ways to drill deeper and longer, as well as more technically challenging wells.


Offers comprehensive technology solutions including Criterion™ bit guidance and RigMinder Electronic Data Recorders (EDRs) which integrate with Trinidad’s control systems. These solutions provide our customers with fully integrated rig performance technology, while improving rig efficiency, safety and performance. For more information:

Back-up Secondary Systems

Trinidad rigs are equipped with fail-safe, secondary systems to reduce rig downtime.

Centralized Control Systems

Trinidad networked various operating systems on the rig together into a single control system that allows the driller to monitor and operate the rig from one central location, improving precision and control. When problems occur, technicians can analyze drilling program parameters and troubleshoot problems remotely to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime.

Highly Mobile Rigs

We were among the first to package rigs into fewer loads and make rigs easy to assemble and disassemble, reducing three-day moves to one-day moves. We later equipped our fleet with pad moving systems, allowing the rig to move from one well location to the next without trucks and within hours, rather than days.

More Efficient Power Systems

Trinidad is continually upgrading our fleet, including adding natural gas and natural gas/diesel powered engines that drill efficiently, use less fuel and produce less greenhouse gas emissions.

Safety Enhancements

Trinidad has identified the areas of the rig where most injuries occur and has found ways to automate processes or keep crew members out of harm’s way.